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Allbright: Rams "Leading Contender" to Trade for Eagles QB Nick Foles

Denver-based radio host Benjamin Allbright named dropped the Eagles QB with the Rams ahead of the trade pack. Could this really happen?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When we last were graced with a Rams-Nick Foles rumor, it was back in late January via a report from that had the Rams in the mix along with the Titans and Texans. Come forward a month and a half, and we've got mention #2 via Denver-based radio host Benjamin Allbright:

Allbright's sourced relatively well within the Rams' walls, so there may be a "there" there. How much though?

Why It Makes Sense

The Rams have to get a capable option outside of Sam Bradford on the roster whether that's through the draft or not. Nothing available in free agency constitutes a "capable option." Foles offers a real capability to have an alternative option to Bradford either in case of yet another injury to Bradford or in case of a QB battle that Sam would ultimately lose, hypothetically. In 2013, Foles threw 27 TDs and just 2 interceptions. Your argument is null and void.

Why It Doesn't Make Sense

The only real issue here would be cost. Foles' future seems certain to be headed out of Philly. Would that mean that Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly is legitimately interested in doing whatever it takes to move up to get his former college signal caller Marcus Mariota? Would they need some draft capital from the Rams to pull it off? If so, how much? Allbright clarified that whatever the Rams are offering, it's stronger than it was from the first time this topic came up:

Opportunity costs get clearer closer to the draft. Losing valuable draft capital would bleed the Rams' ability to re-stock the offensive line or add a stronger weapon to the passing game.

Likelihood: 5/10

Bate had it at 4/10 back in January. I'll bump that up a point. The mere mention of it from someone of Allbright's connections lends it additional merit. The question is whether or not he's getting played to manage the market. He seems to feel he's not.

Then again...

The Eagles are a factory for action and narrative this offseason. The Rams aren't. Just being attached is gonna be a hell of a ride.

Buckle up.