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NFL Free Agency 2015: Monday Update

With just more than 24 hours to go before teams can officially sign free agents, here's everything powering the NFL gears this Monday AM.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

First, a brief note (and make sure to keep our FA tracker bookmarked; we'll be updating that as more news pours in).

For those of you hoping the Rams would be more active in this initial phase of free agency in courting new names and dropping deals on the table...perhaps you forgot the last three years.

If you're looking for Jeff Fisher and Les Snead to cut Jake Long and Scott Wells (moves that could well still be made in the coming days), don't forget that they were both signed as free agents (and hailed as big wins...) under this regime. If you're trusting this administration to put together a new offensive line that will prove more reliable than the one that got rolled out in 2014, don't forget that it was this administration that put that line together. Davin Joseph was signed by the Rams a year ago and would go on to start 13 games in 2014. The idea of trusting and/or hoping that Fisher and Snead fix things obscures the fact that they botched it in the first place.

I know, I know. Sports and the NFL aren't bastions of logic. But it's worth calming some nerves and maintaining some perspective as we approach the (legal) opening of free agency tomorrow afternoon. That the Rams have been largely silent isn't really all that horrible.

On to the news.

Colin Kaepernick rumor, and/or when Florio did a Florio

This one got going last night thanks to a tweet from Jayon Braddock, a Houston-based radio reporter:

Things started spiraling from there as various reporters scrambled to confirm/deny leading to a statement from Niners GM Trent Baalke. It was hot stove-y enough, but that's never a reason for Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk to not toss some unnecessary (and unfounded) gasoline on the fire which he did with the bloggiest of blogtakes this morning reporting that something will happen with the 49ers today but he can't say what. Great sources for that one. Even if it is the retirement of Patrick Willis, which was reported not long ago by Yahoo's Rand Getlin, reporting by not reporting is one hell of a unscrupulous practice..,which is what you should expect from Florio in any case. (P.S. I can officially report that the Rams will do something in the next two months. It will be something that someone somewhere mentions somehow, but I can't tell you guys what it is. Just ridin the Florio blogwave, yall.)

Rodney Hudson to Oakland

The former Chiefs center was set for a big payday, but Oakland really raised the bar. The Raiders had money to throw around, but Hudson's now the game's highest-paid center. Market forces and all.

Orlando Franklin to San Diego

The versatile former Bronco is headed to SoCal for a 5-year, $36m deal with $20m guaranteed.

Brian Hoyer to Houston

The Texans' preseason QB battle will be between Hoyer and Ryan Mallett who signed a new deal to stay in H-Town. Of course that means that Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the outs.

Ted Ginn to Carolina

The aging speedster is headed back to Carolina.

Stay tuned. Plenty more to come today...