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Random Ramsdom 6 March: 24 Hours Until Negotiating Window Opens

All things offseason! Mock Drafts, Free Agency, and Pro Days!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Why Langford was Under-Appreciated | 101 Sports

Per D'Marco Farr, Kendall Langford represented more than just a mid-level free agency signing in 2012. He represented a cultural shift by the organization.

Rams Need Offseason of Offense | ESPN

While the Rams remain committed to continuity with QB Sam Bradford, this season must be different if the Rams offense is going to improve.

More LA Talk | BleacherReport

Chargers are 'Locked in" to Carson development. This just keeps twisting and turning...

Bradford Should Take Pay Cut | StL Today

The Rams have given Bradford's agent every possible bullet in the barrel to make negotiating tough, but Sam should still cut the team a break. As Bernie succinctly says...If Peyton Manning (he of 5 MVPs) can take a pay cut, then why the hell can't good 'ol #8?

'Boo In Attendance for OL Workout |

T.J. Clemmings got plenty of love at Pitt's pro day. The Rams OL coach was one of many in attendance.

Kendricks is (was?) Rams Swiss Army Knife | ESPN

Lance Kendricks has been solid, if underwhelming at times, during his tenure in StL. However, it's likely that he'll price himself out of Rams Park.

Pros/Cons for Potential Free Agent Signings | BleacherReport

Some of the comments are a bit surprising, but a lot of good insight here as well.

Mock Draft Roundup | Rams Official Website

Consensus is Offensive Line or Wide Receiver at #10. Personally, I'm in the OL camp.