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Bills Trade for Vikings QB Matt Cassel; Sam Bradford's Agents Now Out Of Options For Rumors

The second of the rumored interested parties in trading for Sam Bradford instead traded for a different QB's services.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Coming out of the combine, Rams fans were treated to two rumors surrounding a potential Sam Bradford trade: one from the Cleveland Browns, another from the Buffalo Bills. Within two weeks, those two teams filled their vacancy for a veteran QB without Bradford's services.

The Browns signed Josh McCown who had been released by Tampa Bay (holders of the #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft) while today saw the Bills pull off a trade with the Vikings for Matt Cassel.

Somewhere, Sam Bradford's agents with CAA are furiously working to come up with another fictional trade partner to keep his market value afloat.

Perhaps though the bigger concern for Rams fans is that the market is just that bad. Matt Borcas took at look a the class over at Grantland, and it's pretty pitiful. And that's what the Rams will have to deal with. They've got to get a body into camp to push Bradford and funnel through a rookie because they need two options as insurance for Sam.

As it stands, that body won't be Josh McCown or Matt Cassel. More frightening is that they were apparently the top two options the market had to offer.