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Random Ramsdom 3/31: Dawn of Draft Month

It's essentially the end of March. We're less than a month away from the 2015 NFL Draft. However, the questions are still abound: is a QB needed in the draft? Are inexperienced offensive linemen trustworthy enough? Are we short a top-flight wide receiver?

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Offseason Updates

Another offensive lineman has entered the fray, but is Barnes a real answer?

It may be early, but here's who could be departing after this season.


Ever wondered about the Rams' training room? Wonder no more.

Next season, some say the Rams are set for a colossal return to NFC West relevance. Here's to optimism.

The o-line is in shambles and Foles is possibly a one-year answer.

Perhaps fueling the trade, Bradford's injuries led him to consider walking away.

Draft Tracker

The 9th edition of the Rams' weekly mock draft roundup.

Guard is a position of need. Let's look at possible fillers.

McShay maintains the Rams need a playmaker on offense -- that's debatable, but the offense does need to improve.

Here's to players who are projected to step in and matter from the get-go.

Spotlight: Inglewood, why not?

Some relocation scenarios predict a Raiders-to-STL finale.

The question isn't "when" or "if," it appears to have become, "who."

Wouldn't you know, it's the Rams.

Around the NFL

Punishments were dished out to the Falcons and Browns and the Patriots could be next.

Text gate and noise gate (because adding "gate" to the end of any scandal is how things are done in the NFL) have both been punished by the NFL as of yesterday.

The owners may unanimously agree to change extra points, but nobody is sure exactly what is to be changed.