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NFL Head Coach Rankings: Rams’ Jeff Fisher Lands at 15

Pete Prisco, over at CBS Sports, ranked the NFL’s 32 head coaches. How does St. Louis Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher stack up?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It would probably come as little surprise for Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick to top a list of the NFL’s current head coaches.  It probably wouldn’t surprise many to see him atop an all-time list.  Either way, his resumé clearly makes him the best in the biz in 2015.  CBS Sports’ Senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco was certainly in agreement when he ranked the NFL’s 32 head coaches.

How did St. Louis Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher stack up?

15. Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams -- He has been a head coach since 1994, missing only the 2011 season after getting fired in Tennessee. He was 162-147-1 with the Titans, going to the playoffs six times in 17 seasons and getting to one Super Bowl. In three seasons with the Rams, he's 20-27-1. Fisher hasn't had a winning season in his past five.

It’s middle of the pack for the Rams’ head coach, just ahead of Marvin Lewis, who’s lead the Bengals to the playoffs for four consecutive seasons.

You won’t find many power rankings - specifically for teams - that have the Rams ranked in the top half of the league.  Did Pete get it right?  Where does Jeff Fisher rank in your mind?