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2014 NFL Draft Re-Do: Rams Swap Def. Rookie of the Year for Off. Rookie of the Year’s media analyst Bucky Brooks gave every NFL team a mulligan on their 2014 first round pick. Did the St. Louis Rams stick with Greg Robinson with the second overall pick?

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Finding Pro Bowl-caliber players in the first round of the NFL Draft is no small feat, even when selecting at the top of the draft.  And the St. Louis Rams, over the past several years, are all too familiar with that notion.

But none of the league’s 32 teams are exempt, and "the misses" span well beyond recent memory.  Regardless, there are times where we reflect back on draft’s past, and ponder what might’ve been.  Bucky Brooks - NFL Media Analyst at - has wasted no time reverting back to the 2014 draft, and what each team should’ve done if provided a do-over.

The Rams, who had two first round picks, ultimately took Greg Robinson [Auburn], with the second overall pick.  Robinson was drafted, seemingly, to be the future left tackle in St. Louis, with veteran Jake Long coming off a season-ending knee injury.  After starting the year at guard, G-Rob was abruptly moved to left tackle seven weeks into the season when Long re-tore his ACL last October.

The Rams’ second selection in round one, at 13, was used on Aaron Donald, defensive tackle out of Pittsburgh.  Donald proved to be the ultimate value pick, and quickly established his name around the league.  He consistently dwelled in opponents’ backfield, racked up nine sacks in 2014, and earned his way to the Pro Bowl in just his rookie season.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a way to tear Donald away from the Rams’ faithful.  But Mr. Brooks has found a way.  And here’s your 2014 NFL Draft Do-Over for the St. Louis Rams:

2.  Do-over: Odell Beckham Jr., LSU, WR

Pick: Greg Robinson, Auburn, OT

Jeff Fisher would love to build the Rams' offense around the most explosive receiver in the 2014 class.

Ok, that’s a pretty good start.  ODB also made the Pro Bowl in 2014, and was the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.  On his way to doing so, he made some of the year’s most spectacular catches...something most Rams’ fans clamor for annually.  He finished the season, having played in 12 games, with 91 catches, 1,305 yards, and TWELVE touchdowns.  Lance Kendricks lead the Rams in TD’s in 2014, with 5.  He never did anything like this.  No one has.

But Bucky giveth, and Bucky taketh away...or maybe Bucky giveth back. I’m not quite certain:

13.  Do-over: Greg Robinson, Auburn, OT

Pick: Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh, DT

The Rams opted to take Robinson with the second overall pick in the original draft; the team would probably take him at a more cost-effective spot in a do-over.

For those concerned about the loss of Jake Long, fret not, because Brooks is bringing Mr. Robinson back to St. Louis.  The Rams now have their future left tackle, and a legitimate deep threat receiver.  They lose, however, maybe the most impressive player on their defense from last year.  They lose 2014’s NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.  The Detroit Lions were wise enough to take him at 10th overall.

So, what’s it going to be, Rams Nation?  The St. Louis Rams’ 2014 draft haul, or Bucky Brooks’ do-over?