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Random Ramsdom; Ramblin' Along

Sometimes, it is indeed the small things that matter.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Work has been hectic lately. There's been some stressful days of late, and even some harsh words with the crew, but despite that we are on the verge of a major breakthrough and the future looks bright. Again today, after a tough one, I got some more good news. Likely you have been there- the light is there and you know it's coming, but for now, things are crazy and there is more work ahead; an unending "get it done" list...

I got home tonight and realized that my really, really bad habit was not up to par levels, so a trip to the store was necessary. It was a gorgeous, warm night, and the store is not far, so I decided to walk. Though it was still early, the streets were dead quiet and the palm trees gave just the barest of rustle from the mild and refreshing breeze. I entered the store and went straight to the counter, intending to simply restock my really, really bad habit, but then I decided that something to drink was in order. Now I had a fridge full of cold beers only a short walk home, but I wanted something else...but what?

The 7-11 was awash in things to drink - a bewildering array of sodas, coffees, energy drinks and alcohol. Hmm? Yes, normally the alcohol would have been the stopping place, but tonight I passed that aisle by and eventually found the ICEE machine. It had two types, Famous Name Brand Cola and Mango.

Now, I can't remember the last time I had an ICEE. Most likely, mullets were still cool the last time I had one (and I mean really cool, not ironically cool). I had definitely never had a mango one. A mango ICEE...that sounded good, so I grabbed a cup and pulled the trigger. While I was pouring my frosty beverage, the thought crossed my mind, "Why am I buying this?" And I answered myself, "Because you bust your ever-lovin' ass and you can".  I had definitely earned my mango flavored ICEE.

The walk home was a happy one, as I soaked in the cooling night air and I sipped on the chilled goodness of a respite, well earned.

Life is good...

Oh, yeah we also have some Rams news -CBS Denver

A look at the top ten unsigned free on the lookout for a familiar face...(pssst...Les! Over here!)

Ray McDonald to the Bears? -ESPN

You might remember Ray as an on field adversary and as the subject of an ongoing sexual assault case.

Yahoo updates their two round mock -Yahoo Sports

Now, I'm not saying that the good folks at Yahoo are doing anything illegal, but I am saying that maybe their doctors need to back off the meds...

McCoy has no style, according to Chip Kelly -Fox Sports

To maximize his power-spread offense, (Kelly has) always admired the one-cut runners. That’s what he admired. You’ve got to let a coach try to bring in the players that fit best what he’s all about to maximize what he’s trying to accomplish.

Les Snead focused on the upcoming season, not relocation -NFL

Also, do some deep breathing exercises  and prepare for a defensive lineman to be taken with the #10 overall...yes, really...really

Will the top offense of 2015 belong to the Pittsburgh Steelers? -ESPN

Indeed it is after the Steelers averaged 411.1 yards and 27.3 points per game last season on the way to their first AFC North title since 2010. The Steelers return every starter on offense and have arguably the NFL's best quarterback-running back-wide receiver trio in Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown.

Draft Prospect TE Ben Koyak, Notre Dame

Draft Prospect WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami

Draft Prospect DE/OLB Randy Gregory, Nebraska

Just in case you are interested, watching that last one with the sound muted, but listening to Corrosion of Conformity's Stone Breaker ...oh yeah...Happy Chuck resulted.

Vote on the greatest game of all time -NFL

No game involving the Rams is still on the board, so...meh. Seriously, Super Bowl XIV should be on there...also the -7 yard total defensive effort against Seattle, also in 1979...or that Monday Night game in 1986 vs the Bears, or the 1989 playoff win over the Eagles, or ? (see poll below).

So, let's close this out with some Skynrd today...