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2015 NFL Draft: Updated Rams Draft Order

Here's the Rams' current holdings in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of the addition of a compensatory pick in the sixth round, here's what the Rams have going into April:

Overall Round Round Pick
10 1 10
41 2 9
72 3 8
119 4 20
215 6 40
227* 7 10

* - This one's a bit uncertain. I've seen different reports of which 7th rounder the Rams included in their trade with Atlanta to move up in the 2013 NFL Draft to take Alec Ogletree. Part of the complication is that the Rams received a 7th-rounder from New England in the Greg Salas transaction back in 2012. We should get the official 7-round order from the NFL shortly with the compensatory picks released.

Aside from their current hand, the Rams gave their 4th round pick (10th in the round, 109th overall) and 6th round pick (8th in the round, 183rd overall) to Tampa Bay in the deal for Mark Barron. They also swapped their 5th round pick (9th in the round, 145th overall) to recoup a fourth-rounder from Philadelphia in the Sam Bradford-Nick Foles deal.

For all the wheeling and dealing, I'm pretty comfortable believing the Rams' draft order will change before the 2015 NFL Draft is over.