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Kroenke Unveils New Los Angeles Stadium Renderings Ahead of NFL Owner Meetings

With the 2015 NFL Annual Meeting beginning today, Rams owner Stan Kroenke has some pics he'd like to share.

From the LA Times' Sam Farmer:

Stan Kroenke won't be empty handed this week when he arrives at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona.

The St. Louis Rams owner will be packing finished schematic plans for the world's most interactive and integrated football stadium, a futuristic, $1.86-billion, privately financed venue proposed for the Hollywood Park site in Inglewood.

Jumping the details, the major bottom line is, well, they're moving on to the details. Just as was the case with the St. Louis plans at the beginning of the month following the initial announcement of the riverfront stadium proposal, with the updated Inglewood proposal renderings, they have the visual component ready to sell:

HKS and its consultants are moving into the design development and construction documentation stages of the project. In essence, the group has basic designs in place, including the various building components such as plumbing and air conditioning, and is now onto developing the detailed building plans.

If anything, the only real gripe here is that the design might borrow a bit too much from Le Corbusier modernism, but if we're at the point that we're arguing over architectural styles...well, that says something too.

As it pertains to the current process, it doesn't change the current trajectory. This entire thing is still down to the NFL.

And starting today, they're going to have to get real about what they're going to look like moving forward with Los Angeles back on the NFL map.