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Random Ramsdom 20 March: Anyone Seen Barks?

Gimme Big Uglies!

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2015 St Louis Rams! | Bleacher Report

A look at the projected depth chart for next season. A few surprises along the OL...

Competition Committee Wants Better Officiating | StL Today

With teams calling for more flexibility in the replay system, Jeff Fisher and the competition committee think the problem lies with the refs, not the system.

Playoff Expansion |

It had a lot of steam last offseason, but has seemed to flounder a bit this year.

Stadium Goings-Ons

Kroenke's Plan | ESPN NFL Nation

Wagoner doesn't get too deep into it, but the full article can be found here.

AEG Gets Aggressive

Man, this is getting uglier by the week for the NFL.

Around The NFC West

AP on way to Arizona? ProFootballTalk

With Larry Fitzgerald seems to be on board. And who could blame him?

Free Agency

Was Supporting Cast Bradford's Downfall? |

An interesting look into why Sam Bradford's tenure in St Louis was largely a failure. Regardless of your thoughts, it's the Eagles problem to figure out now.

Rams Best Move to Date this Off-season | Bleacher Report

I'll give you 2 guesses, you'll only need one.

How Does Ayers Fit? | ESPN NFL Nation

Simple answer: However Gregg Williams wants him to.

Bargain Free Agents Still Available | ProFootballFocus

With the majority of the top-tier players signed, the search now turns to potential bargains in the FA market. Potential OL fits for the Rams here in Mike Pollak and Brian De La Puente

He's Getting Paid HOW MUCH to go to the Gym? | Fox Sports

Nick Fairly better have his ass in the gym with $500K on the line.

Brockers Option a No-Brainer | ESPN NFL Nation

Wagoner is a bit behind the times here, Bate had this covered 3 weeks ago. The Fairley signing doesn't change a thing.

Free Agent Scorecard | ESPN NFL Nation

Wagoner sums up all the moves involving the Rams in FA thus far.

Meanwhile.... still no news on the Barksdale front.


Cooper a Top 10 Pick? | MMQB

Looking at whether Amari Cooper has what it takes to justify a top 10 seleciton.

Top CB in the Draft? | MMQB

Trae Waynes or Marcus Peters? Depends on what you value in a player.

Kiper Redrafts 2009 Class | ESPN In$ider

Jason Smith.... sigh

2. St. Louis Rams: Clay Matthews, OLB
Matthews' actual slot: No. 26 overall
St. Louis' actual pick: Jason Smith, OT

Pete Carroll recently said he failed to recognize how great Matthews was while he coached him at USC, but Pete didn't exactly fail Matthews, who still went in Round 1 and has become a star. He has 61.0 sacks, and could have more if Green Bay didn't require his versatility. At 28, he shows no real signs of slowing, either.

Mizzou's Pro Day | St Louis

Couple of good guys here. Not necessarily fits for the Rams, but an interesting look into the process as well.