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Random Ramsdom 3/2: Rams’ News, Franchise Tag Predictions, & Biggest Hits of 2014

Happy Franchise Tag Day! Monday should prove to be a busy day for NFL news. So hold off on all that "work" nonsense, and ready yourself for the action!

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The Rams, St. Louis, and How It All Shakes Out |  MMQB

As momentum for an NFL team in Southern California grows, a new riverfront stadium rendering shows St. Louis also has options...

mmqb proposed rams stadium

Courtesy of MMQB

Relocation Talk Reduces Draft Intrigue |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

While most pro football fans were gearing up for their team’s big games in recent years, Rams fans have fired up for the annual NFL draft.

NFL to Do Market Research In Oakland, San Diego, St. Louis |  Pro Football Talk

We noted a week ago that the NFL had sent out surveys to 185,000 fans in St. Louis.  As it turns out, that’s just the tip of their market research iceberg.

Rams’ Blueprint for Winning Free Agency |  Bleacher Report

With free agency kicking off in just over a week, we're all excited to see what the St. Louis Rams have in store. With a proper blueprint to success, the team can reach the next level and compete in 2015.

Rams’ Free Agent Preview - Specialists |  ESPN

The free-agent market is scheduled to open March 10 and teams may begin negotiations with those poised to hit the market beginning March 7. We'll count down to that with a position-by-position look at what the St. Louis Rams have in place, who is set to hit the market, what they might need and who might fit the bill.

Jeremiah: "Rams Can’t Pass on Mariota in the Draft" |

"I gave Sam Bradford a higher grade coming out than Marcus Mariota, and Sam when he's been on the field has done some good things," Daniel Jeremiah said of Bradford, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 draft. "But it's a moot point. You can't rely on Sam Bradford to stay healthy. Ability minus durability gives you nothing.

"If Marcus Mariota was there and I was the Rams, I'd turn in my card and be done with it."

Rams Don’t Consider Barron and Overrated Bama Prospect |

The Rams already have made their fourth- and sixth-round selections, even though the draft doesn't start until April 30. St. Louis didn't turn in its cards early to the commissioner; instead, the Rams traded those draft choices to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in October for safety Mark Barron.

Draft Needs for the St. Louis Rams |  iSportsWeb

Here are the top five needs for the St. Louis Rams to address in this year’s draft.

Rams’ Weinke Long Has Been Pointed Toward Coaching |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In Chris Weinke, the Rams have hired a quarterbacks coach with no coaching experience at the pro and college levels. Zero. At first glance, it seems an odd way to fill a vacancy at the highest level of football — the NFL.

Franchise Tag Primer:  Predicting Who Gets Tagged |

Get ready for some last-minute transactions on Monday.

Teams have had two weeks to use the franchise tag, but none had done so leading into Monday's 4 p.m. ET deadline. Look for that to change dramatically in a flurry of moves.

Dane Brugler’s Updated 2015 NFL Mock Draft |  CBS Sports

With approximately two months remaining until the 2015 NFL Draft, it’s anyones guess as to who NFL team’s will select when on the clock.  Dane Brugler thinks the Rams could add a third Mountaineer to their roster...

How Madden Ratings Are Made |  FiveThirtyEight

The secret process that turns NFL players into digital Gods...

Boom Stick

Check out the BIGGEST Hits of the 2014 season from your St. Louis Rams