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New TST Author RamBuck Is Ready to Roll

New author = new content = new newness.

David McNew/Getty Images

A week ago, we announced that we were bringing three new authors on board.

We've got a fourth coming on today.

Brent Lancaster, who goes by RamBuck on TST and @lannyosu on Twitter, is your newest TST staffer. He's off to a hell of a start with his all-22 look at Nick Foles' first three games of 2014. So how did he get stuck with the Rams?

I've always loved football (I grew up in the South, you damn Yankees)., but it was mainly collegiate with Georgia Tech (dad + grandfather), Auburn (brother) and Ohio State (me + wife). I didn't have that ONE NFL team that I really followed, although there were plenty of players.

I became a Rams fan back around 2009 (moved to St. Louis in 2005 after graduation), but was not "super cereal" about them until the summer of 2010 when I attended my first training camp. Then I was hooked, getting a close up view of professional football and the "hope springs eternal" part of a 0-0 record and new draft picks/FA signings.

My wife Betsy (@lancasbg) and I quickly became PSL owners and were season ticket holders from 2010 until our move to Atlanta in June 2014. Now, I have to use the Twitterverses, NFL Sunday Ticket, text messages from buddies and reports from our very own Turf Show Times to feel close to the team.

Thanks, technology, you are good for some things.

Lanny's good peoples, and we're excited to have him aboard.