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NFL Power Rankings: Rams Come In Below Halfway Mark In NFL.Com Initial FA Rankings

Are the Rams in the top half of the NFL's 32 franchises? Not quite yet according to's Elliot Harrison.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Elliot Harrison dropped an updated power rankings on yesterday with the initial wave of free agency behind us. Bottom line? The Rams haven't done much to sway the convictions of major media yet, coming in at 20th:

Either GM Les Snead will be getting rid of one of the Rams' defensive linemen, or they're about to have the most fearsome defensive front since, well, the Fearsome Foursome of Rams lore. Chris Long, Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, Nick Fairley ... come on. The team might as well move back to Los Angeles, if only to make travel easier for NFC West rivals San Francisco and Arizona, who would surely be able to use the shorter flight after Reggie Bush and Carlos Hyde average 1 yard per carry for the Niners and Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer gets faceplanted 15 times in their respective visits. Still waiting to see what this offense can do, however.

Nothing to really argue with on the synopsis front, but the 20th ranking pains. Thing is, if you go off of their 2014 record, you can't really argue much.

The bottom line issue is that the Rams on paper should be right around the midmark, possibly higher going into the season. But 2014 happened. It's probably too much to ask to go off of the paper right now.

It still pains, though.