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2015 NFL Free Agency: Former Falcons, Lions OL Garrett Reynolds Visiting Rams Today

The Rams are hosting a potential FA addition to their pockmarked offensive line.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Reynolds is hardly a top tier lineman, though his versatility and willingness to provide depth has seen him through five seasons. The first four in Atlanta were an up and down affair for the 6'7" North Carolina product who settled in at right guard. By the end of his run, the Falcons (and Atlanta fans) were ready to move on.

Reynolds moved over to Detroit for 2014. Initially released, he was back on the team after an early injury opened the door, taking up starting duties at right tackle before backing up into a reserve role. Surprising to me was that nearly two-thirds of Lions fans wanted to keep him around.

He's certainly not a long-term solution. And he probably provides only slighter sufficiency than Davin Joseph. But bringing in a former disciple from Rams Offensive Line Coach Paul T. Boudreau's time in the same position with Atlanta at least offers some hope that this is more than just a potential random free agent plugging a roster hole to get the Rams to 53 by the end of the preseason.