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Report: Cleveland Browns Offered Pick #19 For Sam Bradford

So that answered that rumor...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


That's ESPN's Adam Caplan confirming the rumor that Chip Kelly initially dropped in the Eagles' post-trade press conference echoed by Jeff Fisher not long after...and it's a hell of an offer.

For the Rams, it doesn't give me much pause if Cleveland offered it to the Rams. Had they taken the Browns up on it, they would have been with exactly 0 quarterbacks on the roster with 2014 presumed-backup-turned-starter Shaun Hill headed to Minnesota. As much as the Rams have enjoyed stocking up on early draft picks since 2012, you kindof need a quarterback. And at 10 and 19, they might have either been too desperate to (a) move up for either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota or (b) in an uncomfortable position of starting a rookie with no other viable option. I'd rather have #10 + Nick Foles than #10, #19 and no QB. Fun thoughts, though.

For the Eagles on the other hand, if they were offered the pick, it all but confirms their absolute commitment to Sam Bradford for 2015 (assuming that offer isn't still on the table through the beginning of the draft which it certainly could be). The Eagles aren't anywhere near as desperate as the Rams for QB depth, and for all the concerns we had for Sam Bradford's would think the Eagles would be in a more comfortable position to not have to rely on a twice-injured ACL in the last year and a half.