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Random Ramsdom 3/17/15: One Week Ago...

It was a week ago that Nick Foles was shipped to the Rams. We've all had time to ponder the move since then. What does it mean to you, for the Rams, going forward?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

--- Kendricks Glad to Take Hometown Discount ---
Apparently, Kendricks would have received more money from the Falcons. Nice to see a guy stick around.

--- Rams' Offensive Line Options ---
It's apparent the Rams need to do something, but what? Here are some options.


--- Ranking Remaining Rams' FA Possibilities ---
Having cleared millions of late, here's where that money could be put to use.

--- Time for Rams to Finally Repair O-Line ---
It's been years. Isn't it time for a fix?

--- Jim Thomas talks 'Strange' Press Conference, Upset Players, Free Agency ---
Jim Thomas speaks on some trending topics.

--- Rams Can't be Dumb About Protecting Foles ---
The current franchise QB, Nick Foles needs to feel comfortable in the pocket.

Draft Tracker

--- 2015 NFL Draft: Rams Seesaw Between OL and WR ---
It's likely going to be an offensive choice, but which position?

--- Mock Draft Roundup: 7th Edition ---
The 7th weekly gathering off all mock drafts.

--- No Shortage of Day-1 RBs in Draft ---
Need a day one starting RB? The draft has one for you.

--- Rams Season Recap & 2015 Draft Needs ---
Yet another look at the Rams' season and draft needs.

Spotlight: Tebow?

--- Tebow May Return to NFL ---
Come on. You know you want to see him in horns...

--- Tebow Works out for Eagles ---
The most interesting decision maker in the NFL making, well, interesting decisions.

Around the NFL

--- Borland Quits over Player-Safety ---
A current trend among athletes. It's depleting the 49ers.

--- Winston Won't Attend Draft ---
Kind of shocking considering it's widely agreed he'll go first.

--- Remaining Free Agency Questions ---
Much of the anticipated banter has passed, but what's left of free agency?

--- Do NFL teams improve with big free agents? ---
Top-tier QBs such as Brees and Manning obviously panned out, but what about the others?

--- NFL Bracketology: Greatest Game of All-Time? ---
Want to participate in the brackets but don't like basketball? Here's to you.

--- 2015 Offseason Trades: Business as Usual ---
The 2015 offseason didn't have a surplus of trades, but the trades it did have were meaningful.

--- Free Agency Grades ---
Interestingly, the Rams receive a "C-" while the 49ers receive a "C." The Rams may not have met all their needs, but come on, they didn't lose players as the 49ers did.