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2015 NCAA Tournament: Join the TST Realtime March Madness Bracket Challenge

Let's go fantasy sprotsin'

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness is upon us.

Even though we're a community of fans for an NFL, we're not in a bubble (well, we are, but you can see things outside of it). Today, one of those things is the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.

In the interest of being able to yell at each other more and give each of you a chance to claim some shred of superiority over your peers, I've created a group with the new SB Nation March Madness game, Realtime Brackets (League ID: Turf Show Times, password: TIMTEBOW). You should join it and have fun getting things wrong with me.

Realtime Brackets is a really cool idea that lets you change your game picks throughout the game.  You can also change up your picks between games. So if you picked a team and they're starting to fall behind, you can switch your pick, but you get less points for your pick based on when you switch it. Or, if you've got a team getting to the Elite Eight and they really struggle in round one, you can change that after the first round. The Realtime Brackets Help page breaks it all down.

So sign up for the TST league today and come fill out your bracket horribly.