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The Rams Were Smart To Bring Back Kenny Britt


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It's been confirmed the St. Louis Rams will be bringing back their leading receiver from 2014. There was never a guarantee the Rams would be bringing back veteran receiver Kenny Britt, who signed with the Rams on a prove it deal last season. Apparently, the Rams saw enough in Britt to make the receiver a part of the team for multiple years.

The Rams decision in taking a chance with Britt paid off more than expected. Starting with training camp, Britt came to the team with a chip on his shoulder and he looked pretty good from the beginning. He even took a young receiver named Brian Quick under his wing and helped him develop into a player that looked like he deserved to be on the field. Based on the past seasons that Quick had, it was a big surprise.

Bringing Britt back was the best move for the Rams. Let's look at the top free agent receivers who are available right now: Stevie Johnson, Michael Crabtree, Dwayne Bowe. Honestly, when you look at the names available, it made sense to go back with Britt.

With bringing Britt back, the Rams will have a receiver who caught 48 passes and 748 yards with a revolving door at quarterback. Britt is also familiar with the coaches and the other players on the roster. If the $14 million contract for him seems high, just think of it being a three year deal for $15 million, because he only made a million last season.

The Rams have provided new quarterback Nick Foles with a solid veteran receiver. Which is good, considering the rest of the receivers on the roster are still a toss up as to how productive they will be this season.