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Fan Poll: Are You Satisfied With What The Rams Have Done Thus Far in Free Agency?

The NFL Free Agency period [officially] started this past Tuesday. How do you feel about what the St. Louis Rams have accomplished thus far?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The "legal tampering" period that began just about a week ago turned out to be a joke.  False starting teams essentially brushed the term "tampering" aside, and got down to the dollars and cents of true negotiation.   It wasn’t until Tuesday at 4pm ET, though, that anything became official.

Since then, the St. Louis Rams have made - what appear to be - some pretty sound financial, and team-strengthening, moves.  But has it been enough?

You decide.

The Cuts

The Signings

Good Enough?

Offloading Sam Bradford, and in turn landing Nick Foles, earned the Rams some spending money...something they didn’t have much of prior to the aforementioned oxymoronic legal tampering period.  As did releasing veterans Jake Long and Scott Wells.

But have they spent their money wisely, in your opinion?  Everyone knew the offensive line was a glaring opportunity area heading into free agency, and even more so now with the release of a few players.  They’ve yet to re-sign Joseph Barksdale [who’s getting married today, for those who may not have heard -- Congrats!], and fan-favorite center Stefen Wisniewski is still meandering about the country unsigned.  Hey, at least he didn’t decide to immediately plop down in enemy territory in Seattle.  And former Falcons’ guard Justin Blalock is still scheduled for a visit.

And let’s not forget, the Rams can still put in work in the early rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft.  Filling all of their depth chart vacancies in free agency simply isn’t realistic. The first couple of rounds in the upcoming draft provide the Rams with a bevy of [potentially] solid Week 1 starters.


The Rams have signed a few very good players for the near future.  But there’s still plenty of work to be done.  Are you satisfied with what the Rams have accomplished thus far in free agency?