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2015 NFL Free Agency: Rams Re-Sign Kenny Britt On Two-Year Deal

The Rams' free agency hit of 2014 is back for two more years.

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Yes, the Rams re-signed their seventh leading receiver in as many years on a two-year contract that keeps him in house through 2016. And while some were a bit surprised at the guaranteed money, bear in mind how desperate the Rams were.

Rams Leading WRs

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Yes, the Rams have had a different leading receiver every season since 2008. That Britt was the first to top 700 yards since Hall of Famer (don't sweat it) Torry Holt should tell you how valuable he was to the Rams. And extending that subjunctive, it should tell you how much more valuable he would be to the Rams than most if not every other NFL team let alone the relevant suitors.

In any case, it's water under the bridge.

Kenny Britt is in town and should help integrate new QB Nick Foles as the Rams continue to assemble their 2015 offense.