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Random Ramsdom 13 MAR: Rams Add Ayers, Lineman Next?

The madness continues.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Free Agency

Follow all of the moves here with ESPN's Free Agent tracker.

With the Rams solidifying the OLB position for next season, they're obviously focusing on making the D even more intimidating.

Seems to be a tough market this year for the 2nd tier of DTs.

Joe Barksdale has found interest in his services underwhelming...could this mean Barksdale will indeed return to the Rams?

Still Quiet on the Britt Front | BleacherReport

While he's expected to re-sign in St Louis, there is some question of whether he will take a 'hometown discount' for coach Fisher. This dragging on isn't good for any of the parties involved.

I already hear TST nation rioting for news on the OL front.

Well, at least they know...

NFL Draft

Should the Rams Still Draft a QB? | 101 ESPN

The correct answer is... HELL YES! Didn't the team learn their lesson when they put all their eggs in the Bradford basket?

The Story of Brandon Scherff | Peter King's MMQB

Long winded - as usual - from the MMQB, but a good read concerning the player that could very well be at the top of the Rams draft board.

Where are Pro-Bowlers Drafted? | National Football Post

Interesting analysis about the NFL's most elite players, where they come from, and where they're drafted.

For those who haven't discovered the addiction yet, I'm sorry, but your productivity ends here.


Foles Arrives in St Louis | St Louis Rams Official Website

The Rams new Franchise QB is in the building!

Former NFL Scout's Take on Foles | ESPN NFL Nation

Former NFL scout Matt Williamson weighs in on what the Rams can expect from Foles.

A Philly perspective on Nick Foles | Cover 32 Rams

His offensive line was banged up the first half last season, and he only had one legit target in Jeremy Maclin, so my guess is the real Foles is closer to the 2013 one, but it’s somewhere in the middle.

Justin Blalock is 31 to Mathis' 33 and would likely come at a significantly cheaper rate than Mathis' $5.5M. Personally, I'd prefer the (slightly) younger and much cheaper option,

Around the NFC West

Cardinals restructure Palmer's Contract | Sporting News

The move created over $7M of cap relief.

Cards Lose Cromartie to Jets | ESPN NFL Nation

He's heading back to NYC to team up with Revis Island

Cards Release Starting Center | ESPN NFL Nation

The Cardinals released Lyle Sendlein, freeing up an additional $3.15M in cap space

Cardinals Sign Sean Weatherspoon, Corey Peters and Cory Redding

Total Cap hits: $11.67M

Cardinals Day 2 Recap | ESPN NFL Nation

Seahawks Gains/Losses | ESPN NFL Nation

This list is as of the beginning of Thursday morning and doesn't include them losing Walter Thurmond to the Eagles.

Stefen Wisniewski Visiting Seattle | ESPN NFL Nation

The Rams aren't the only team with OL needs. A lot of Rams fans want Wiz in the 'Lou, but I'll settle for him not going to Seattle.

In Case you missed it.... | ESPN NFL Nation

Recap moves made on day one by the 49ers.

49ers Release Stevie Johnson | ESPN NFL Nation

Saves the 9ers $5.5M in cap space.

Could Bush Replace Gore? | ESPN NFL Nation

According to Trent Baalke, yes.

More Disturbing News From San Fran | ESPN NFL Nation

You'd think with the team's issues with Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith, they'd have gotten a handle on this by now.

Stadium News

Labor Strife Slows Down Kroenke's LA Stadium |

It's refreshing that this is the first stadium news we've seen for a while. Amazing what a bit of real football news will do.