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2015 NFL Free Agency: Rams Have Contacted DT Nick Fairley

The Rams are plunging ahead in free agency in contacting the former Auburn defensive lineman.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is interesting.

I don't feel necessarily perturbed by it. Fairley's a solid player and the rotational depth it would give them (having released DT Kendall Langford not too long ago) wouldn't hurt at all. Don't forget the Rams' front's inability to get to the quarterback early in the 2014 season...

Of course, Fairley is also an Auburn product of which the Rams finished the season with five: RB Tre Mason, OT Greg Robinson, WR Emory Blake, and LBs Daren Bates and Will Herring. So don't be surprised that Les Snead's alma mater is yet again linked to piping in more talent to the Rams.

The real issue here is that it's a position/unit of strength while the offensive line remains woefully understaffed. Not that NFL teams can't multitask, but as I mentioned last night as pointed out by Tim Shields, the Rams have just four offensive linemen right now only two of which have starting experience.

The discomfort that leaves isn't going away even if the Rams were to add a defensive tackle of Fairley's caliber.