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Sam Bradford-Nick Foles Trade: TST Staff Reactions

Here's what the TST family had to say about the big deal from yesterday.

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sergey606 [@thatsergey]

Foles is younger, doesn't have the injury history, good arm, good accuracy, been in the NFL for several years now, etc. Bradford has a higher ceiling - but we can't reach even close to it because he's always on IR or just injured. I am one of the bigger Bradford apologists/supporters (named my dog after him for f***s sake), but I think this is by far a great move. Now draft a QB in the early to mid rounds and I'll be happy - please don't go all in with Foles either, Rams' FO.

I won't rename the pooch, but please do suggest future dog names for unproven Rams players. Examples: Tavon Awkward, Mo-Rice Alexander (my dog is white like rice), Mark the Red Barron, etc.

EddieP [@iAmEddieP_]

The Rams definitely needed a change under center. I did not see it occurring so early into the new league year, but I guess the Rams just said f**k it.

Foles has a strong arm, good accuracy & is pretty smart. As long as Bradford starts & stays healthy in Philly, we get a 2nd rounder next year. Pretty good deal, IMO.

Papa_Lurch [@Papa_Lurch]

When this news broke, I literally stopped dead in my tracks... In the middle of the produce section at the base commissary. It seemed too good to be true. My jaw dropped even further when I saw the details start to leak. It seemed too good to be true.

The Rams got younger, more experienced, and healthier at QB with this move. Toss in that it freed up $10M+ in cap space and it's an absolute coup for the Rams. The wild card for me is the compensation 2016 draft pick. But then again, even if we ship a 3rd to Philly, I still love the deal.

I always loved Sam's talent and defended him, but in the end talent can't do jack for a team on IR. Foles may not be as talented as Bradford, but he's proven that he can be crazy efficient in the NFL - that he can WIN in the NFL. I can't wait to see what our shiny new QB can do with Tavon, Quick and Co.

The Rams become the latest beneficiary of whatever craziness Chip Kelly is implementing in Philly.

VTRamsFan [@PeterDunbar]

Whether we like it or not, this was a move the Rams needed to make in order to move forward as an organization. Bradford (while showing flashes) never really lived up to the high expectations of a #1 overall pick, mainly due to injury.

You can blame the poor OL, or him having limited weapons during his tenure, however it is what it is. A guy slated to make upwards of $16m in 2015 coming off two ACL injuries on the same knee and unwilling to restructure his contract for the benefit of the team.

Lack of confidence in himself? Lack of confidence in the organization? Doesn't really matter now. QB was the bottleneck preventing a leap forward and that bottleneck has now been removed in typical classy Snisher like form.

Insert Nick Foles. A guy who is 14-4 as an Eagle starter, and during that time has threw for 27 TD and only 2 INT. Looks good on paper right? While I do like this trade, and feel like 1) it had to happen and 2) Foles may have been the best option available in the short term, I am still cautiously optimistic and want to see "da money" before I rejoice in jubilation.

I will end this by saying I almost feel the same as I did when we robbed Indy to snag Faulk back in 1999, and we all know how that worked out.

That said, I still think we need a couple more playmakers on offense, and now the OL has just jumped to the #1 need... But that's something every Ram fan already realizes.

Mike Dietrich [@dvond]

The trade is not about Bradford's talent. It is about a new fresh start for a team that has done nothing but struggle on offense since Bradford was QB.

This trade gives some Rams fans now hope for the 2015 season that this front office is not putting all their eggs in a basket on a player who had not played in almost 2 years and when playing was 18-30. To get millions of salary cap room plus a 2nd rounder makes this a no brainer trade of epic proportions.

Even if Foles plays one year and leaves, the picks make it a worthwhile move.

northwestRAMSfan [@troilus22]

The Rams made a solid move to improve their outlook at the QB position in 2015.

I am a huge believer in Bradford's ability, but I don't believe in his ability to stay on the field. Take that and his massive salary cap hit, and I was dreading the prospect of going through the 2015 season relying on him to be "The Guy". I do wish him the best of luck in the future, whether it be in Philadelphia or anywhere else.

Nick Foles has proven he can be a winner, in his first season starting in Philadelphia he threw 27 TDs to just 2 INTs. Last season he was working behind a less than stellar offensive line and his production dipped, eventually suffering a broken collar bone. In his time as a starter in Philly Foles was 14-4, which is not too shabby.

As for the details of the trade itself, you have to love what Les Snead managed to pull off here. He managed to trade a pricy QB coming off two consecutive ACL surgeries for a much more affordable QB. The picks that were swapped were originally reported all over the board, but as it stands the Rams will get Philly's 2015 4th rounder and 2016 2nd rounder in exchange for their 2015 5th rounder. There are conditional picks attached to Bradford's performance, if he plays less than 50% of snaps Rams will give a 4th in 2016. If he is reinjured they give up a 3rd in 2016. So worst case scenario Bradford gets reinjured and the 2016 becomes the Rams 3rd for Philly's 2nd, I can definitely live with that as a worst case scenario for sure!

Who would have thought that blockbuster trades would overshadow the rest of the first day of NFL Free Agency?

3k [@3k_]







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