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Bradford-Foles Trade: Chip Kelly "Came Hard After Bradford”, Fan Reaction

Here's a sampling of the initial reaction to the move along with Peter King's inside notes.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah. Yesterday happened.

What's kind of crazy to me was that it was less about the Rams selling and more about the Eagles buying, as made clear in SI's Peter King's free agency New Years Day reax:

The Rams had multiple trade options for Bradford, who has had two straight seasons ended with ACL tears to his left knee, but by Monday they were focused on Philadelphia because the Eagles had something that no other involved team would offer—a potential starting quarterback in Foles.

What I was told reliably Tuesday night: Philadelphia coach/power-czar Chip Kelly loves Bradford, feels Bradford’s the right guy to run his fast-paced offense, and this from an insider on the trade of the day: "Chip came hard after Bradford. That’s why this happened."

That's what still has me shook about this whole thing. The Eagles came after Bradford. A QB on a doubly-injured ACL who hasn't played in a regular season game since October of 2013 who's on a $13m bill for 2015 who has a 18-30-1 career record as a starting QB.

But hey, it's not just me.