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Nick Foles - Sam Bradford Trade: Salary Cap Implications For The Rams

The just-announced trade between the Eagles and Rams (involving Nick Foles and Sam Bradford) has significant salary cap implications for both teams. How much salary cap space do the Rams have as a result of the trade?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, I presented a complete salary cap update for the Rams heading into Free Agency. The Rams were sitting at close to $6.7 million under the salary cap, with all costs for 2015 taken into consideration. The Rams' trade with Philadelphia (Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and draft pick considerations) significantly altered the teams' available salary cap space.

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Bradford's salary cap hit for 2015 with the Rams was scheduled to be $16.58 million ($12.985 in base salary and $3.595 million in a prorated bonus). As a result of the trade, the Rams gain $12.985 million in salary cap relief. The remaining $3.595 million is accounted for as dead money by the Rams. 2015 was the final year of Bradford's rookie contract with the Rams.

Foles is also in the final year of his contract. The Rams take on $1.542 million of Foles' contract as a salary cap hit for 2015.

The net gain in salary cap space for the Rams is $11.443 million. After the trade, the Rams have $18.17 million in salary cap space, with all costs for 2015 taken into consideration.

The Rams wasted little time in utilizing their available salary cap space. The Rams re-signed TE Lance Kendricks to a 4-year/$18.5 million contract. In addition, the Rams sent a 2016 7th round pick to the Houston Texans for QB Case Keenum.

I'll be updating the Rams' salary cap situation in more detail as the information becomes available.