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Random Ramsdom 3/10/15: Rams Liberated From Perils of Poor Contracts

It's been suspected all season and now the time has finally come and passed. Scott Wells and Jake Long have been cut which frees the Rams 12.5 million to allocate to much more useful resources.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

--- Jake Long Released by Rams ---
In a move many foresaw, Jake Long is packing his bags in favor of cap flexibility.

--- Rams Release Wells & Long to Free 12.5 Million ---
Releasing two under-performers, the Rams have gained some much-needed cap space, but how will they use it to their advantage?

--- Iupati Plans to Leave 49ers for Cardinals ---
One hope for the Rams' offensive line this offseason has now come off the board.


--- New Stadium Lets St. Louis "Control Their Own Destiny." ---
Apparently, if the St. Louis area builds a stadium, they'l "control their own destiny."

--- Free Agent  Q&A w/Snead ---
Inside the mind of the man behind the scenes.

--- Sports Lab with Jared Cook ---
Surely you've seen ESPN's sports science program, well, here's Jared Cook's sports lab with the Rams.

Draft Tracker

--- Mock Draft Roundup: 6th Edition ---
The 6th edition of who the Rams are slated to selected all wrapped up into one post.

Spotlight: Foles?

--- Rams are 'leading contender' for Foles ---
Foles has resurfaced in the St. Louis rumor mill.

--- NFL Trade Machine: Rams, Titans, Foles? ---
We've seen his name thrown around, but how does Foles fit into the grand scheme?

Around the League

--- Early Signings Make Mockery of NFL FA System ---
We've heard the  NFL's opinion, but how does Forbes feel about the lack of respect for free agent rules?

--- Eagles to add Gore, Maxwell ---
Taking a break from his seemingly all-Oregon ensemble, Chip Kelly has added (for the moment) Frank Gore and Byron Maxwell.

--- How much does a running back, such as Demarco Murray, matter? ---
It's clearly a pass-first league, but a dynamic duo is never a bad thing, right?

--- NFL Chastises Teams Leaking Contracts ---
The rules are pretty much in shambles in regards to free agency. If the NFL truly cares, expect action.

--- All that matters in the NFL is your QB ---
Perhaps an exaggeration, but it's food-for-thought.

--- Vince Young Denied Entrance to Veterans' Combine ---
Vince Young, a one-time rookie of the year, has now descended even to denial from the veterans' combine.