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Thomas: Rams Contact Former Raiders C Stefen Wisniewski

With the release of Scott Wells, the Rams have an opening at center. Fittingly, we've got a rumored replacement in free agency.

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

It's a name to keep tabs on as we head toward 4pm.

With last night's official release of Scott Wells, the Rams are without a starting center. Barrett Jones and Demetrius Rhaney are still on contract, though neither has a fast track to the starting job. Jones has been on the roster since the 2013 NFL Draft but hasn't been able to grab much playing time with the O-line. His back surgery last summer negated his early season participation which certainly didn't help. Rhaney was one of the final picks from the 2014 NFL Draft, but missed all of last year with a knee injury.

Wisniewski, on the other hand, was a second-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft who has been a mainstay on the Oakland line ever since missing just three games in his four NFL seasons.

The Raiders have already filled their upcoming center vacancy by reportedly being prepped to sign former Chiefs C Rodney Hudson