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2015 NFL Draft: Positional Big Board (RB)

Last time around the Turf Show Times Staff looked at QBs. Here, we're looking at who the top running backs are. There are some surprising results.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We've looked at the quarterbacks headed into the draft and come out with pretty conventional results. Winston was first, followed by Mariota, followed by the field. Since then we've conducted staff polls on the running backs because, even though the Rams likely skip on a running back this year due to Tre Mason's solid performance, it's just nice to know. Without further ado, here's what we thought:

Player 1st Choices 2nd Choices 3rd Choices
Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin 4 4 1
Todd Gurley, Georgia 4 3 2
Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska 0 2 3
Duke Johnson, Miami 0 1 1
Jay Ajayi, Boise State 1 0 0
Javorius Allen, USC 0 0 1
T.J. Yeldon, Alabama 0 0 2

Most of what's here is pretty conventional. Gordon and Gurley are a near-perfect split atop the board. However, one thing probably stands out: Jay Ajayi received a number one vote. Ajayi is a name that hasn't been near the top of the running back discussion, but nonetheless, bleacher report wrote a scouting report on him here.

Otherwise, I can't say much here is of big news. Ameer Abdullah has seemingly put himself into a favorable position to be the third running back come the draft and the rest are a toss up. Each running back has his own skill set to offer whether it be Duke Johnson's explosiveness or Yeldon's ability to hit holes.

Regardless, it's unlikely the Rams take any of these running backs -- that is, if they like their heads attached to their shoulders. With  Zac Stacy, Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason all on the roster there's just no need. But who knows?

So, you've seen our top running backs. Who are yours? Do you think a running back will/should go in the top round this year? Comment below and let us know!