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NFL Power Rankings: Way Too Early (But Not) Edition

It's never a bad time for power rankings. NEVER I SAY!

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A couple early power rankings dropped after the Super Bowl worth taking of note of only to give us a sense of where this team is roughly two months ahead of the draft. 23rd (21st)

Sam Bradford surely will be a focal point of the Rams' offseason, and a huge determinant as far as what direction the team takes at quarterback. Looking back on 2014 ... and 2013 ... and 2012 ... at some point (like now), Rams fans need to hear something besides "Boy, next year, the Rams are going to be a threat!" Of course, whether or not the majority of those fans will be living in Los Angeles in the near future is another question.

CBS Sports (Prisco):

If they can fix the quarterback situation, they have a chance to be a playoff team. That likely means a good year from Sam Bradford coming back from the ACL injury.

Yahoo! Sports: 20th (23rd)

At some point all of this talent has to produce more than a few quality wins and a ton of disappointing losses. They’re another team that could use a quarterback. Best of luck finding a good one.

USA Today: 23rd (19th)

They're still looking for someone to answer that help wanted ad, so they can fill not-so-insignificant offensive coordinator role.