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Random Ramsdom, February 6: Cignetti'd

New OC = new random ramsdom linkery.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Cignetti gets Promotion | ESPN NFL Nation

Now that the OC slot is filled, the Rams can truly turn their focus to the rest of the offseason.

Could the Rams Trade Up? | ESPN NFL Nation

With so much talk about trading with the Eagles to get Foles, is there a chance they will trade UP for their new QB?

How to Create Cap Space | ESPN NFL Nation

Dubs had already hit on this, but if you missed it... here's a look at what Dubs calls the "Financial Foursome"

OL Needs to be Offseason Focus | Ramblin' Fan

File this into the 'no duh' category

Top 10 2015 Free Agents | CBS St Louis

For those of you eyeing a big UFA signing. Here's the NFL network Top 25.

Eagles Eye Jake Locker | Inquisitr

Wonder what this means for the Rams Potential pursuit of Nick Foles

Games to Forget in 2014 | U-T San Diego

The Rams top the list, but this is certainly a game I do NOT want to forget.

Missouri Government Getting Involved with Rams | Columbia Missourian

Capitol hill in MO is looking into the financial effects of having an NFL franchise in the state.

3 Potential QB Solutions for the Rams | Sportsblog

What will the team do? Brings up an interesting point with Jeremy Maclin. Could adding Foles give us an inside route to signing Maclin? Food for thought.