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Random Ramsdom 2/5: St. Louis Rams News, Fireball Shots, and Yesterday’s Arrests

If you play in the NFL, you most likely won’t be reading this because you were arrested yesterday. And if you weren’t, catch up on all those who were...amongst other randomness

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

St. Louis May Benefit if the Rams Leave the Dome |  KSDK

President of the CVC, Kitty Ratcliffe admits if the Convention Center did not have to be compromised by the NFL schedule, they would be booking more events.  An extra five conventions would mean, according to them, $23 million spent in our city.

What Do the Rams Do for the State |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As the St. Louis Rams discussion rages on, a Missouri House committee soon will begin analyzing the benefit of having an NFL team in the city.

Rams Rewind: Signing Day |  Gridiron Gateway

Nate Latsch takes a look back through the archives at some of the Rams' top players and how they were regarded as high school prospects.

End of Season Power Rankings |

Sam Bradford surely will be a focal point of the Rams' offseason, and a huge determinant as far as what direction the team takes at quarterback. Looking back on 2014 ... and 2013 ... and 2012 ... at some point (like now), Rams fans need to hear something besides "Boy, next year, the Rams are going to be a threat!" Of course, whether or not the majority of those fans will be living in Los Angeles in the near future is another question.

How the Rams Fared from the 1-yd Line |  ESPN

The now infamous decision by the Seattle Seahawks to throw from New England's 1-yard line in Sunday's Super Bowl loss has been panned as one of the worst calls in league history by pundits and analysts.

The NFL’s Most Tortured Fan Bases |  Sports on Earth

8. St. Louis Rams. (Super Bowl appearances: 3. Super Bowl wins: 1. Last championship: 2000.) Shooting higher on this list (they were No. 19 last year) because when it looks like your team is going to leave for Los Angeles just 20 years after you gave them a brand new stadium, you get plenty of sympathy from me. The only thing that would be worse for St. Louis fans than the Rams leaving would be if their city, county or state makes those taxpayers pay for another new stadium.

Look For Kaepernick to Run More in 2015 |

We don't know much about the offensive philosophy of new San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula or offensive coordinator Geep Chryst. But it's not too hard to see the direction they are headed by listening to offseason comments.  And that explains why he’s spending so much time with Kurt Warner...

2015 NFL Draft Offensive Line Rankings | Draft Insider

Tony Pauline ranks 67 offensive tackles, 74 guards and 21 centers.  The Rams should look at nabbing one of each.

Both Rivals and have Ohio St., Penn St., and Michigan state ranked 1,2,3 for 2015’s haul of players.  Jim Harbaugh experienced his first signing day at Michigan.  Snoop Dogg’s a big USC his son did him dirty and chose UCLA.  Mizzou adds DT Terry Beckner Jr., the No. 2 overall prospect in ESPN’s Top 300.

Gronk Catches a Bottle of Fireball in Slow Motion [VIDEO] |  Barstool Sports

A fan throws Rob Gronkowski an airplane bottle of Fireball at the Patriots Parade.  Pure elation.

NFL Players Don’t Always Act As Role Models...

*  Like when Packers’ DT Letroy Guion had lots of pennies.....oh, and pot.
*  And when Cowboys’ RB Joseph Randle was arrested...again
*  Oh, and like that one time when Colts’ LB D’Qwell Jackson was arrested....for this

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