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Random Ramsdom, Feb. 4: Doin' the TST Boogie

With the Super Bowl now safely in the record books, NFL news takes a necessary breather, but there are intriguing draft picks, community works and suspiciously resilient rumors to keep the withdrawals manageable. Let's boogie...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams now accepting applications for community builds -St. Louis Rams

The Rams are looking for worthy community projects to add to their long list of charitable events. In years past the focus has been on playgrounds for towns and municipalities without one. However-

While each of the previous six grants has resulted in playground builds, the application process also allows the public to identify other possible community improvement projects.  The goal is to be able to respond to the community’s greatest needs whether it is funding and building a playground or contributing to another improvement project that would enhance the region.

So, if you just so happen to know of a need in your community, by all means apply.

Rams profile- Kenny Washington, the first African-American to sign an NFL contract -St. Louis Rams

The fact you didn't know-

Washington was a staunch Republican and strongly supported Richard Nixon's 1950 U.S. Senate campaign. The night before Nixon's crushing victory over Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas, he spent the evening at Washington's south Los Angeles home playing music and trying to relax.

Courtesy wikipedia

49ers look to run more in 2015 -NFL

As a Rams fan, I am not frightened.

Draft profile- OLB Vic Beasley, Clemson

Do the Rams need another pass rusher? One commenter seems to think so...

Draft profile- TE Clive Walford, Miami

Draft profile- OG Tre' Jackson, Florida St.

The rumor that won't be going away anytime soon -Sports World Report

Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles may just be the lynch-pin that looses the train of the 2015 NFL draft. If indeed, the Eagles are red hot on Marcus Mariota, which makes a lot of sense, they will have to bust some major moves in order to secure him. The Rams, needing serious quarterback help and picking at number 10 overall, just might figure into this equation in a big way. A swap of first round picks and Nick Foles to St. Louis as example, would move the Eagles 10 rungs up the ladder. It is doubtful that Mariota would still be on the board at number 10 though. That would mean quarterback hungry teams like the Jets (#6), Titans (#2) and of course the Buccaneers (#1) all taking a pass. Don't count the Redskins (#5) out either...they may just figure it is time to cut their losses after the RGIII fiasco.

So, do any of these teams believe that Nick Foles is the guy? Or would they rather take the chance on the hot rookie from Oregon?

Time will tell.

Now, by request...