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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Seven Full Rounds From Matt Miller

Bleacher Report's leading NFL Draft man drops a full mock full of twists and turns. Let's take a look at the Rams' haul and what it says about the conventional wisdom in early February.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this has a lot to unpack. If we're being honest, it's got too much for early February. But let's have some fun with it, as Matt Miller, B/R's top draft man, dropped seven rounds on us after the Super Bowl. As always, the top 9:

# Team Pick POS School
1 Tampa Bay Jameis Winston QB Florida St.
2 Tennessee Leonard Williams DL USC
3 Jacksonville Randy Gregory DE Nebraska
4 Oakland Kevin White WR West Virginia
5 Washington Brandon Scherff OT Iowa
6 New York Jets Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
7 Chicago Shane Ray DE Missouri
8 Atlanta Dante Fowler DE Florida
9 New York Giants Danny Shelton DT Washington

So Miller's got a couple names we haven't seen too much in top 10s in White & Shelton. This does set up a situation I don't think I've brought before and that's Amari Cooper. If he's there at 10, do the Rams add the talented Alabama wideout? We all know about the issue at QB and along the offensive line. But as I mentioned yesterday with the Rams missed out on what might be the best WR class in the history of the game from the 2014 NFL Draft, could they afford to miss out on a potential star WR the following year?

In any case for the Rams, Miller goes with:

La'el Collins (OT, LSU)

Will Jake Long ever return to his top-tier tackle ways? It doesn't look like it, as injuries and regressed play have haunted the former All-Pro talent. Now the St. Louis Rams must move forward to build an offensive line for the next generation.

They made the first move last season by selecting Greg Robinson No. 2 overall. The former Auburn star can hold down the left side for the next 10 years, but he needs a running mate at right tackle. That's where La'el Collins comes in to give the Rams a dynamic SEC duo at tackle.

Collins has the strength in the run game to play right tackle at a high level, and he also has the quick feet needed to do work in pass protection. This isn't a bad left tackle being moved to right tackle, but a top-tier offensive lineman with the versatility to play either side.

We'll get 100 versions of this by the time the draft's here between Collins, Scherff and every other O-lineman projected to the Rams at 10.

I mentioned Cooper above; he comes off with the next pick to Minnesota at 11 followed by Louisville WR DeVante Parker to the Browns at 12 and Arizona St. WR Jaelen Strong at 15 to the 49ers. I'm not necessarily advocating the Rams taking any of them at 10, but should the mocked scenario happen, they better hope none turn into a stars and miss out on top receiving talent two years running.

Into the second round, Miller has the Rams taking:

Brett Hundley (QB, UCLA)

The Sam Bradford era is coming to a sharp end, and the Rams are left with nothing at quarterback. Brett Hundley has huge potential but needs time to develop.

I'm kind of hoping for the Rams to find a way to have not signed or traded for a current NFL QB come the draft and bypass a QB through the first two rounds just for the chaos. Imagine the chaos. So much good chaos. But yeah, obviously this pick makes sense.

Here's the rest of his mock picks for the Rams:

Rd. Pick Name POS School
3 8 Lorenzo Doss CB Tulane
5 9 Vince Mayle WR Washington St.
7 32 D.J. Humphries OT Florida

It's a bit needs-heavy on its front with two offensive lineman, a quarterback, a wide receiver and a cornerback, but mocks are tough as it is let alone seven rounds deep. And it's as good a time as any to remind all Rams fans we've got the least picks in the draft of any team with just five selections prior to any compensatory additions.

What say you on this haul?