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Random Ramsdom 27 FEB: Langford First Cap Casualty, Weinke Endorses Bradford

As we creep closer to the new league year and UFA, the Rams plans moving forward are becoming slightly less murky.

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Finances in the NFL: Restructures and Stadiums |

Two very important concepts for Rams fans right now.

Britt and Rams a Good Fit | ESPN NFL Nation

If it's not broke, don't fix it. Bring the man back!

Chris Weinke a Good Addition | ESPN NFL Nation

SURPRISE! He thinks highly of Bradford. His knowledge of developing QBs fits with Fisher's recent trend of drafting developmental QBs as well. He may already be in the Coach's back pocket, but at least he's

Nexcited for the challengeOT Trading Bradford is Wasted Opportunity | Bleacher Report

However, here is some fodder for those of you who still think Bradford won't be the Rams QB next year.

SJ39 Cut | Bleacher Report

He says he's not considering retirement, but the former Rams great will likely have troubles finding a suitor this offseason.

Langford Cut | Bate!

The first move concerning Dubs' "Financial Foursome" dropped yesterday. The move saves the Rams $6M, but leaves them needing depth at DT.

Late Round QB Option? | Bleacher Report

Chris Bonner wasn't at the Combine, but could find his way into the late rounds of the draft. Is he an option for the Rams?

Pruitt Makes Name for Himself at Combine | STL Today

The SIUC and MVC standout was largely an unknown before the combine. The Rams are ahead of the curve here though. They interviewed the TE at the combine. What does this mean for Lance Kendricks?

Top LB UFAs | Pro Football Focus

PFF released their top UFA LBs yesterday. Also, for those who missed it earlier this week, here's their list of interior OLs

Offseason Preview |

For those who need a little more pessimism in their day.