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Random Ramsdom 2/24: Rams Eye Combine Prospects

With combine news spread through the NFL airways these days, the Rams have their ears perked in preparation for the offseason's Super Bowl: the NFL Draft.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

Here are some possible options at QB, but it looks bleak.


While this is nice, the biggest issue is Bradford's health -- which Weinke has little control over.

According to Fisher, changing the PAT distance is wrong.

Jeff Fisher acknowledges changing the rule which affected Dez Bryant's playoff catch won't come easy.

This is nice in theory, but he has to have some thoughts about it.


For the Stedman Bailey fake punt return! Not really, but it was worthy!

With news of LA competitors on the rise, every bit of LA-related action is that much more intriguing.

Draft Tracker

Think they'll grab Scherff? Want Hundley? Maybe they even go receiver. Check to find out!

Apparently, the Rams like the versatile prospect.

Interesting since  Mariota is considered the "safe" pick with less upside.


The raw data for the linebacking group.

The raw data for the defensive line group.

Who's hot? Who's not? The Rams need to figure it out.

Waynes ran a blazing 40, but PJ Williams seems flat.

The men who earned a couple extra bucks... and the men who lost some.

The NFL is home to all sorts of freak athletes, but Byron Jones set a world record at the combine.

He's not exactly small and he was able to hit the 4.3 range at the combine. Impressive.

Another look at who's stock has been hurt and who's helped by the combine.

An impressive performance helps Preston Smith, Mississippi State's star d-lineman, raise his stock.

Around the League

The next order for all 32 NFL franchises.

Fisher says it'll be difficult, but that doesn't mean impossible.