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NFL Sends Survey to Assess St. Louis Fan Stadium Demands

The NFL is taking stock of the St. Louis market to see what they'd want in a new NFL stadium.

Back in mid-October, the NFL commissioned a survey from Convention, Sports & Leisure International (CSL) to be sent to 2,000 Los Angeles-based football fans (and potential season ticket holders...) to gauge their level of support of a possible local franchise and what would interest them most, both conceptually and financially. The move was taken as an indication of the sincerity of the league's interest in getting a team into the LA market.

Today, they've done the same in sending surveys out to St. Louis fans, albeit to nearly 100 times as many recipients.

The survey contains more than 100 questions to take stock of the committed St. Louis fan base and decide what really moves the needle for fans, and, of course, moves the wallet.

In any case, if we took the Los Angeles survey as a indication of substance (and we did), we should at least do the same for the St. Louis survey (and we are).

Let us know if you got the survey and what your favorite responses or questions were.

CSL Survey 1