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2015 NFL Combine: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Press Conference Transcript

Here's the Rams' head coach's full remarks.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Will competition committee discuss inflation of FBs

Yes. We do. Every year we have Wilson come in, and we discuss the balls and we discuss gauges and we discuss that, but I would submit that we probably won't have any discussions until everything has been resolved at the league office level.

If a team has an issue about something prior, does league let other team know?

I haven't experienced that before, so it's hard to comment. Coaches will bring up issues with the officials in our 90-minute meeting, with things regarding things that are concerns, and things like that.

Inaudible question about replay and the Calvin Johnson rule

We were discussing other things this week. You know, there is a standard and what we have is basically have two standards. We have the standard on the field and you've got the standard on the replay. So, we'll look at it and discuss it and if there are any modifications to it, then obviously that will take place this spring. Obviously it's something that's discussed every year. I couldn't hear the first part of your question, but the Calvin Johnson catch years ago, when everybody thought it was a catch but you've got to complete the catch when you go to the ground. We'll look at those things.

Expanding replay to include judgement calls like PI, where do coaches stand, moving in favor of it

We got a sense for that. There's a number of proposals this year, probably the largest number that I can remember, in respect to instant replay, and a number of those proposals including penalties. That will all be discussed. We're scratching the surface on it now, and we'll look at in detail. To comment at this time would be very premature. But obviously that's probably going to be one of the major topics of discussion as we resume our meetings in Naples next weekend.

Chris Weinke

You know, going back to the promotion at the coordinator job. As we talk our philosophy, I think if you're doing things right, you promote from within and we did. We talked with the rest of the staff about options. I interviewed three candidates, obviously Chris Weinke, who we hired, then also interviewed Jeff Garcia and Steve Walsh. Those were the three. What do they have in common? They're all former players. My decision, or our decision, to go that direction stems from the fact that Sigs was the quarterback coach. He has a great understanding of the position. He's outstanding, so why not get somebody in that's played the game. The respect level from a player standpoint for those that have played the game is very high, especially right now. we also had a situation where Chris and Sam got together. Had dinner together last week, and Sam is very, very excited about, at that time, the possibility of Chris becoming our quarterback coach. I was very, very impressed with Jeff, as well as with Steve. I think both of those guys, I hope that they end up in this league at that position because they are very, very talented.

Why push for continuity given the struggles lately

You know, Sigs -- let me go back and explain the process. I spent two or three weeks with two coaches on my staff that I considered. I didn't want to subject Sam and the rest of the offensive players, particularly the younger players to a whole different new terminology. Sam, for three years, had three different offensive systems, OK? What we're going to do is make it better. I was able to, over that process look and see the areas we needed to improve upon,and I'm confident that's going to take place.

Important that Weinke has experience with young qbs at IMG?

It was a huge factor. You know, what's he's done over the last four or five years, not only with preparing quarterbacks for the draft, but also, a lot of guys were going back, veterans going back to work with him. There'rs going to be a time whether its here in two months or three months or whenever that we're going to have a young quarterback. I don't think there is anybody better qualified to coach a young quarterback than him. It was a great fit. He did an outstanding job. He's got a really good thing going, and this is a leap of faith for him to leave IMG and to leave the high school program, but I think it's a perfect fit for us.

Thoughts on report about Bradford allowed to seek trade

I was surprised to here that. That's inaccurate. No, I mean. We talked about what our plans are for him.

What's plan b at quarterback

i don't know what that looks like right now. You know. we'll let you know. it could be a veteran, it could be a draft choice. it could be a combination of that. it could be Austin. it could be Shaun.

Is that wise given Sam's injury history

I think it's extremely important that we have an option, yes.

Were coaches pleased with officiating in 2014 season

From the competition committee, we'll discuss some things. I got a that there was some frustration, but there always is. This is a time for them to vent. We have a general manager subcommittee as well and its a time for them to vent. Hey, put these two plays on. How come this was called and that one wasn't? That's our game, that's a human element in the game, so youo know, we recognize that. Dean, I think, since Dean's taken over, we're on the right track. they're working very hard and are very forthright with the calls either Sunday night or Monday morning, you know. Yeah we made a mistake, we blew it. or I disagree with it or whatever. That at least gives you a chance.

On news about Chargers/Raiders in Los Angeles

If i don't know anything, then when someone asks me, and I say I don't know anything, then I'm telling the truth. So, my focus, and of course, this is coachspeak, is on this year, and our football team in St. Louis. And as things come up, nearly on a daily basis right now, they're going to continue to change and whatever happens happens. But I love St. Louis, we've got a great fanbase. We've got some work to do as we go through this process, however it ends up, but our focus is on 2015.

Message to Rams fans

Well, those that came out saw some really good football games. The true fans that know what we're doing see improvement. They know that we've been without our first round pick and starting quarterback. When we've had him, he's 5-2-1 in our division. And we weren't very good when we got here, so we're counting on him. I'm betting on him and if that doesn't happen, then we'll win games with somebody else.

Is that record because of him or the defense

Sam Bradford, the quarterback position, Sam Bradford is 5-2-1 in our division since I got there.

Jake Long's rehab

Jake's doing well. You know he spent all the way up to a few weeks ago at the facility rehabbing. He's out in California working out and is doing well. I don't know what it looks like. If he comes back and is 100 percent then he'll have a chance to be a part and contribute to what we're doing. But there's some time between now and then.

Greg as your left tackle?

There are possibilities, yes. They've been discussed.

Tre Mason and Zac Stacy

Everybody needs a couple backs. We've got three plus. We drafted Tre because we felt Tre had something special. It took Tre some times to learn how to play without the football. Once he did, he got a chance to play and when he played he made plays. Zac was especially unselfish during this process. I'm glad we've got both of them. We've got Bennie as a change of pace he's in our third-down role, so I think we're in good shape.

RB play without football

You can't put a running back in there and have him not know who to pick up. you can't get your quarterback hit. the pass game, you've got to get to different places and so it takes time. It takes all running backs time.

Coaches challenge on PI or penalties

We have a lot more information, we discuss it in much more detail. what happens is, we haven't had the opportunity to present the information to the membership with respect to those things. When they do, they will clear themselves up. that doesn't mean to say we don't go there in one area or not. let me give you an example. Hits on defenseless players, ok. What does that mean? That means the defenseless receivers. Also means the quarterback. Also means that your long snapper is defenseless, also means that anybody covering a kick on a peel back block is defenseless player. Where do you draw the line as far as that's concerned? You see how that type of thing could become very, very complicated. There are those that say, hey we just want everything reviewed. anything and everything reviewed.

What's your offensive philosophy

I don't think its any different than anybody else. It's a run game. Need to run the football, and you need to complement your playaction game to the run game, and you know, play good defense and play good special teams. You know, everybody will tell you, if you got a top 5 or 6 defense and you can run the football, you got a chance to be in the final four. That's the very basic theory.

Replay review idea picking up steam

No. I mean, it's been discussed. I give you an example. we had coaches subcommittee in there and that came up by the time the discussion was over, they all were like, no we can't do that. You just can't do that in the game.

Last question

I've got more in me. this is fun. I haven't done this in a while.

Can you expand penalty review part way?

Well, right now everything is reviewable except penalties. Is that what you're saying?

Something that's flagged

It'll be discussed. You know. There's -- something that's flagged. You have two standards. To me, that's the biggest concern with it is you have an on the field, full speed, bang bang call made by the official, we'll just say pass interference, and then now you're going to go to replay and you're going to go frame by frame by frame to determine whether it is or not. I'm not so sure that's where we want to go with our game right now.

Leonard Williams, USC defensive tackle

It's a little early in the process. Haven't had chance to do all the players yet. i know based on some conversations with our scouts, they think he's outstanding. He's talented and is going to be a great pro. But I haven't really studied him.

You've been in LA market in school, is it important to have a team there?

Well, that's the league's call there. You know, it's unfortunate that there has not been a team there, but i'm not involved in all the specifics and the market and those kind of things and what's available and stadium sites and and those kind of things. clearly that will be the league's call.

Jim Harbaugh leaving/Jim Tomsula hired in SF

i have respect for what coach Tomsula has done there up front. i don't know him very well personally, but everyone i talk to thinks he's an outstanding coach. As far as when things went down out there, i was a little surprised. don't have the information, the background, don't know what happened. His record speaks for itself. i thought coach Harbaugh did an outstanding job, was always a huge challenge for us the last three years to prepare for them.