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Random Ramsdom 2/19: Les Snead, Sam Bradford, & the 2015 NFL Combine

St. Louis Rams’ GM Les Snead is at the NFL Combine. He had a lot to say about the team...and Sam Bradford. Did you miss it? That’s what we’re here for...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Les Snead Calls RG3 Trade "Fair," Preaches Patience on QB’s |  CBS Sports

Rams general manager Les Snead joined the crew at the 2015 NFL Combine on Wednesday and spent a fair amount of time talking about Sam Bradford's future.

Les Snead on the Rams at the NFL Combine
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Countdown to Combine: Rams’ OG/C |  ESPN

A closer look at the areas the St. Louis Rams could address in the draft. We'll wrap it up today with a look at the interior offensive linemen, which are scheduled to work out Thursday in Indianapolis.

Rams Need to Improve on Offense. Sound Familiar? |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

This week’s tights and T-shirts display at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis gives voice to those who would suggest the Rams are an offense running in place.

Winston, DGB Provide Combine Intrigue |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Rams seem more likely to target an offensive lineman in the first round, then a quarterback later. That sounds pretty dull, but it will be the sensible thing to do before their farewell season in St. Louis.

Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 2.0 |

The Rams currently have two West Virginia Mountaineer wide receivers on their roster.  Why not add a third?

Funky Helmet Designs for All 32 Teams |  CBS Sports

Larry Fitzgerald, the star receiver who helped spark Arizona to the 2009 Super Bowl, has agreed terms on a new contract with the Cardinals, team general manager Steve Keim said Wednesday.

Rams Looking At a 7.5 Win Season in 2015 |  Pro Football Talk

Though free agency is still 20 days away, and though the draft is still more than two months away, 2015 NFL win totals are already available for betting in Nevada, with the CG Technology sports books putting up the propositions last week.

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