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Rams GM Les Snead: "Deleting" Sam Bradford Not An Option

The Rams' General Manager took to the podium at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and spoke on Sam Bradford among other subjects.

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Rams General Manager Les Snead wrapped up speaking to the press not to long ago and dropped an interesting word choice regarding Sam Bradford.

Trade Talk

The topic came up because of a tweet from Jason LaCanfora that hit just after 2pm:

That's a tweet from 2:06pm. Snead was scheduled to hit the podium at 2pm. Coincidence it is not.

But credit Snead for having the repository open for the Twitter-ready response:

Deleting him is not the answer.

And he's right. There just aren't enough names available to the Rams, either through free agency or the draft, to justify walking away from the only QB they have under contract right now. Speaking of, though...

Bradford's Contract 2.0

No better time than the present. As Dubs recently laid out, it's all about performance incentives. That's fine, since it's time for Sam to prove it and it sounds like the Rams, and Snead specifically, are ready to see it happen.

QB Depth Chart

The key though, as Snead revealed in an interview with ProFootballTalk, is that Bradford isn't necessarily in the front of that rotation:

I can’t say he’s top of the depth chart because he’s missed 25 [of the last 32] games.

I take that with a chuckle and a smile though, because as feelgood homespun as it sounds to suggest Bradford's gonna have to play his way back into the starting job, there's no way he doesn't take the reins as soon as he's cleared by the medical staff. Let's just be real about it.


In his remarks at his presser, Snead stressed continuity, citing both Bill Parcells' book, Finding A Way, and Paul Ehrlich's work to develop the first treatment for syphilis.

Yes, syphilis.

Yes, syphilis the STD that's been around for about half of a millienium.

Yes, Les Snead used syphilis in talking about the Rams' offense. Write your own jokes, kids.