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What You Need To Know About The Combine

The 2015 NFL Combine started Tuesday but if you want to get a good handle on great information like storylines and how the combine drills translate to the field then read on.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ready or not, it's time for the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, also known known as the "Underwear Olympics" -- a place where a players draft stock can be altered and they can either elevate their draft position or watch as their dreams of getting drafted slowly get's harder to reach.

Since the combine has started, it makes sense to break down what we need to know about the event so that everyone has a good starting point on information that they should know.

Let's get stared with the full list of invited players to the combine.

Honestly, the biggest reason to pay attention to the Combine is learning more about the prospects in the draft. Most of the information will come from media member scouts like NFL Networks' own Mike Mayock. Speaking of Mayock, he hosted a three-hour conference call on Tuesday where he talked about a lot of the prospects. If you have not heard the conference call, here's the audio and transcript.

It's easy to consider not watching the combine. Sometimes it can be boring. Let's face it -- some of the drills done at the combine really are not interesting to watch. Personally, I'm not a fan of watching the prospects show off their vertical leaping ability...but I will watch them run their 40 yard dashes and catch the football. When you are watching the combine, how do you know what the drills are really showing and how they translate to the field? If you don't have a good feel for that, check out this link and it will be broken down for you.

For those who are late to the draft coverage portion of the offseason because they do not watch college football or wait until after the Super Bowl to start paying attention, I know that it's hard to follow some of the storylines leading up to the draft.

So why not get up to speed and look at the top storylines you should be paying attention to during the combine?

Time to see who makes the most out of their opportunity in Indianpolis.