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Random Ramsdom; The Combine Begins

The combine is upon us...finally!...and all the hype can match the skills...or not, as the case may be. That is what we are here to find out.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Dorial Green-Beckham- Champ or Chump? -NFL

The climate in the NFL has changed since last year's draft. The scrutiny regarding domestic violence has been ratcheted up in the wake of the Ray Rice and Greg Hardy cases, and the new Personal Conduct Policy promises harsher treatment for offenders in that and plenty of other areas.

And then there's Josh Gordon, another receiver with a world of talent who, by the end of next season, will have nearly as many games missed for disciplinary reasons (29) as he has games played (35), and whose story has become a cautionary tale for clubs looking to roll the dice.

Top quarterback prospects expected to throw this year -NFL

Teddy Bridgewater and other top prospects have had a habit of passing on passing at the combine, preferring to throw at their pro days. Not this year. Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley and more are expected to take part in the passing drills this Saturday.

Who is Jean Sifrin? -Mass Live

Ever since "Gronk" exploded onto the NFL scene a few years ago, he has been the hot new toy and everyone wants one. The problem is - 6' 6" 265 lb pass catching tight ends don't grow on trees. They may grow in community colleges though.

Jean Sifrin of the University of Massachusetts has the build and just might have the skills. Make no mistake- this kid (if you can call a 27 year old that) is beyond raw and will require a lot of coaching, but the basics are there. At 6' 7" and 250 lbs he also adds some amazing catches to his resume...

He is certainly not a first round pick, but worth keeping an eye on.

Which quarterback will emerge victorious from the combine? Kurt Warner gives his take... -LA Times

Last year at this time, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny "Football" Manziel were being touted as top 5 draft picks. Through the combine and subsequent pro days, they both took a swan dive (undeservedly in Bridgewater's case) and both barely went in the first round at all. Meanwhile, dark horse candidate Blake Bortles, leaped from relative obscurity to be taken by the Jaguars at number 3.

Will we see another reshuffling of quarterback talent this year?

Seattle's Russell Wilson was a third-round pick, and Tom Brady lingered until the sixth round before the New England Patriots grabbed him with the 199th pick. Meanwhile, you could fill two wings of the Hall of Fame with first-round flops.

Draft Prospect, Eric Kendricks, ILB UCLA

Draft Prospect, Jay Ajayi, RB Boise St

Draft Prospect, Chris Hackett, CB/FS TCU

A big shout out to misone, for covering my RR while I was on vacation last week...and now on to some theme music!