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2015 NFL Draft: Rams' Positional Big Board (QB)

Leading up to the draft we're beginning to account for who Turf Show Times believes are the top three at each position. Let's begin with the quarterbacks.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to the draft we're going to poll within the Turf Show Times staff. Each poll taker is going to pick their positional top three and, at the end, we'll have our ultimate Rams big board.

Beginning with the  QB, we'll immediately get to see some potential round one picks. Though the Rams have an awkward spot, and it's unlikely they'll really get to choose a quarterback should one be available, it's still useful to see where preferences lie. After all, the more desirable prospect will likely go higher and the Rams could end up with their second option should he slide. Nevertheless, let's take a look.

Player Preference #1 Preference #2 Preference #3
Jameis Winston 6 1 0
Marcus Mariota 1 5 1
Brett Hundley 0 1 5
Bryce Petty 0 0 1

Decisively, the desired order among Turf Show Times is Winston, Mariota, Hundley and lastly Petty. However, again, this is a big board -- not a prioritized list of targets, which would look much different. A list of targets would likely contain more mid-round QBs as the Rams, again, have an awkward position to outright select a quarterback as it stands now.

However, this data does propose an interesting question: to what length would the Rams go to grab Winston? Lately Winston has overtaken Mariota in mocks more and more frequently and here it can't be more apparent. Jameis Winston has moved into the front seat -- at least in the media's eyes -- and the Rams would be thrilled to grab him at 10. At the same time, his rise in value likely means he won't be available at 10. Due to Winston's rise in value, Mariota has dropped which opens the floor for him to possibly drop to the Rams at 10, given they're interested.

Nevertheless, Hundley seems to be the favorite for a Rams' second round quarterback, but again, it isn't given he'll be available. Petty received one vote and is another solid option, but as is the case with Hundley as well, there are many questions around him.

So, there you have it, these are the top three QBs according to the Turf  Show Times. Stay on the lookout for the next piece in this series, running backs. Though the Rams are likely not in the market for a top-tier running back, it'll still be worth a look.

Agree with our QB marks? Disagree? Give us a shout out in the comments!