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2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Florida St. G Tre Jackson

Tre is one of the highest rated guards going pro this year. Could he solve the Rams interior line problems?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Tre Jackson is one of they many FSU offensive lineman to go pro in 2015. This list is headlined by Cameron Erving, but Jackson is a close second. He's rated as one of the best pure guards available, but is he what the Rams are looking for?

Pass Protection

Jackson is an average pass protector. He's a huge guard who is simply too big to be an effective pass blocker at the next level. He needs to improve his technique and become more aggressive with his hands. He does have positives though; he's quick off the snap and sets himself quickly:

Here, he does a good job initially, but he's not good enough with his hands to keep the tackle away from him and he gets stood up at the end (they both do). If not for his above average strength, it probably would have ended poorly for him.

He does a much better job on this play, blocking ND's Sheldon Day (watch for him next year). He keeps a wide base, displays a good job of mirroring his opponent and keeps him at arms length:

All in all, Jackson is inconsistent as a pass protector. He has the chops and is much quicker than someone that big should be, but he'll likely need to drop a few pounds and focus on his technique so he can handle speed better and doesn't always rely on his strength to get the job done.

[Update] I put this one in the comments, but it deserves to be in the post:

That's Jackson getting flat out destroyed by Oregon's Arik Armstead. Note what I was saying earlier - he allows Armstead to get in close to him and doesn't display hand technique to keep him away. After that, Armstead is easily able to push Jackson back even though he was ready to block him.

Run Blocking

Jackson is clearly a better run blocker than he is a pass protector. That being said, for someone his size, he doesn't always get a lot of push on the lineman:

While stationary, he tends to drop his head a bit which would leave him open to counters. Jackson does a good job on the move, however. He has limitations due to his size, but he does an excellent job here of locating who he needs to block, sealing him off and opening up a big lane for the back:

I hate to harp, but Jackson is just a big guy. There are going to be plays where he just can't get there in time, like this one. He has a tendency to lunge, which isn't what you want to see:

Overall, his frame would suggest he's a mauler, but he's not quite ready for that title. He's quick out of his stance but lumbers about and doesn't display the push you'd expect him to. He's good, but not great.


To me, Jackson isn't a second rounder. He needs to lose a few pounds, get stronger, and work on his technique. He has the base traits - quickness for being such a big guy (he can pull), experience and intelligence on the field. But he's simply not ready to be a starter at the next level from day one. He has slow feet, inconsistent technique and at times allows defenders to get too close to him, losing the leverage battle. Maybe with an offseason of conditioning, weight training and practice, that would change. He had a good showing at the senior bowl, so perhaps he's already underway. His measurables at the combine will be important to see if he's been working on his game.

Jackson is probably best as a left guard in a power run scheme, where his size and quickness can be utilized to pull effectively. He's a decent enough pass protector to warrant switching sides.


BEST FIT: Left Guard