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NFL QB News: McCown Cut, Foles/Cutler/Glennon Trade Bait?

Scouring the NFL wires for QB news on the last Thursday before the NFL Combine.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of storylines are developing around NFL QBs worth pointing out after we ran down the list of available options yesterday.

Josh McCown Released By Buccaneers

Not overly surprising, but gives the Bucs $5m+ back in the coffers. Also throws an extra veteran into the free agency pool (watch your head while jumping for joy, Jeff Fisher). McCown made for a great story in 2013 with Chicago when he went on a strong mid-season run throwing 13 TDs and a lone interception with a 3-2 starting record. His 2014 season, though, erased any good feelings from the year prior, going 1-10 and tossing 14 interceptions to go with 11 TDs with a pretty spectacular Tampa receiving group (and a pretty horrible offensive line). Now 35 years old and turning 36 this summer, the journeyman hopes to find an eighth NFL employer to keep his career afloat.

Mike Glennon Picking Up Trade Buzz

We're approaching smokescreen season, so start taking headlines with a grain of this one suggesting the Neck is picking up heat on the trade market. The suggested price point is between a third and a fourth-round pick, but with the McCown release, Tampa's in a similar situation with Glennon as the Rams are with Sam Bradford. The key difference is that Tampa owns the #1 overall pick in the draft (and has a futures contract with hopeful Seth Lobato) which gives them an easy route to changing their QB depth chart. The Rams are in much less certain territory.

Jay Cutler's Future In Chicago Uncertain

ESPN recently tried to assess Cutler's value to the Bears moving forward (insider subcription required because BOOOOOOOOOOOOO) bringing together former GM Mark Dominik, former HC Herm Edwards, former scouting head Louis Riddick and draft guru Mel Kiper to mimic Chicago's executive staff in trying to look at Cutler's situation from all angles. Chicago's got a tough offseason ahead under new Head Coach John Fox; they've got the 7th overall pick in the draft but are in a bit of an opposite situation as the Rams as they almost certainly have to spend it to upgrade a porous defense, especially in their front four. But would a quarterback change their fortunes enough moving into 2015 and beyond? Fox was certainly non-committal regarding Cutler after being introduced as the new HC. Stay tuned.

Whither Nick Foles?

This ESPN piece put it simply -- Philly's are at a crossroads with Foles. Go through some of the morning link dumpsover at Bleeding Green Nation; the Foles issue isn't going away any time soon. My favorite assessment of the situation came from...Foles himself.

"I think the main word is 'rumor.' It's a rumor that you can't put too much into it. I only listen to the people at the [Eagles] facility, being Chip [Kelly]. He's the one that will make the decision."

Foles also said that he hasn't really been in touch with Kelly since the coach has been busy.