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Random Ramsdom: 2/11 Kroenke Playing by the Rules, Lynch walking away...

Has there been a change of heart? Is Stan Kroenke suddenly willing to play by the rules, and wait until he has the support of the league to move the team???

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kroenke willing to play by the rules... - L.A. Times

Has there been a change of heart? Is Stan Kroenke suddenly willing to play by the rules, and wait until he has the support of the league to move the team???

Salary Cap not as bad as it looks - St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Rams currently are below the salary cap, but with an expected boost in the overall cap number and some key - but needed - moves in relation to contracts, the team should be in good shape sooner than later.

L.A. Mayor making moves without confirmation - Bleacher Report

The Mayor of L.A. has real aspirationso f building the worlds most amazing football stadium. Whether the Rams show up or not, he feels the best stadium will easily attract tenants. It's like he said ''This is ‘Field of Dreams’ stuff. Build it and they will come.''

Lynch might walk away from it all - Pro Football Talk

Could Marshawn Lynch really walk away from it all with so much football obviously left in him. Such a move would be a colossal blow to the Seahawks, but will only open the door for other teams, like the Rams for instance...

The history of Frank -

Here is a look at the history of St. Louis Rams new offensive coordinator's coaching history, and a run down of how he reached this point...

Sam Gets No Love - Bleacher Report

Former Rams seventh round draft pick, Michael Sam, is still unemployed after being cut from the Cowboys practice squad, but he is not letting go of his dream to crack someone's 53 man roster...

Commissioner will form a L.A. committee -

Roger Goodell has never been a man that I trust much, and for reasons like these. One week he is talking about keeping teams in their markets, the next he is looking into the possibilities of moving teams to another.

A deeper look at the Rams draft picks -

In case you were wondering it's true, the Rams only have five draft picks, after routinely having more picks than they are suppose to have for years. Even crazier, one of those five picks aren't even their original picks...

How much money will you make us??? - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Essentially that is the question that the state will be asking themselves when they get together to analyze what the Rams "do for the state".

Time to move on from Sam Bradford -

This does not happen often but some fool over at that goes by the name, Adam Schein, was actually crazy enough to write a real full length article about the Rams. That's right; not one of those pathetic 300 words journal entries, but an actual, well thought out, article. Schein should watch out, I am sure the league will not be to fond of this news...

Still better than L.A. - St. Louis Post Dispatch

The St. Louis Metropolitan area finished number 52 in the rankings for viewings of the super bowl. Some may say this is more incentive for the team to leave St. Louis for the claim that it is not a football town. But the L.A. market finished ranked even lower.... P.S. there are only 56 slots

The first step is admitting... - Bleacher Report

Did the Rams admit failure in their search for an offensive coordinator with the hire of Frank Cignetti to fill the role?

So there you have it, while the Rams did indeed promote Frank Cignetti to offensive coordinator over Rob Boras, they still managed to not forget about Mr. Boras.

The Rams may be losing another coach fairly soon...

Just because it is not named after one of the greatest most popular players of All-Time, doesn't make awards like this any less precious.

We may not have seen this last of this man...