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Random Ramsdom 2/10: Cutting Jake Long, Restructuring Sam Bradford

The Rams have sorted their offensive coordinator vacancy, for better or worse, and now look to focus on resigning, restructuring and cutting players.

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Offseason Updates

This is unsurprising to anybody who's followed the Rams, but will Bradford comply?

Cutting Long frees up significant salary. Pull the trigger?

Acquiring Iupati would be a blessing as the Rams struggle on the interior offensive line.


Critics are out -- and they will be until Cignetti makes a positive impact... if he does.

Rams Tidbits

Rams' first rounders throughout the years. How have they panned out?

Bradford's availability changes other teams' perception of the  QB market -- does this indicate the Rams should retain him for his value?

The latest step in the process.

Draft Tracker

Want one place to check who the Rams are taking in the latest mocks? It's taken care of for you!

Even the author admits this post is for fun, but what if the Rams did move up for Mariota?

Keep your eyes out for these five.

Intriguing theory, but is it actually that likely teams do prefer Bradford?

Think the Rams should draft a lineman? Check out this scouting report on a potential future Ram.
The realistic spin; there isn't much for the Rams at 10.

Spotlight: Benny Cunningham

Check out a Rams' exclusive with running back, Benny Cunnningham.

Around the League

Want a broader scope of the off season? Here you go.

Greg Hardy has reemerged in the news as of late as he was among the first affected by the new domestic violence regulations.

At 98, Sabol dies and the NFL loses a great contributor.

Many are aware of the reality that athletes often go broke, but why?