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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: The St. Louis #Yikes Drop to 4-8

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The St. Louis Rams keep tanking. Does it reflect on the fans' view of Jeff Fisher? Does a rhetorical question need an answer?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well. I mean. Where should I begin? Rams have lost…uhhh…how many games in a row? I can only count to four, so I lost track. Perhaps I'm just slowly blacking-out this season in my mind.

I’m assuming as I’m writing this that Jeff Fisher is getting in touch with 3k to see about firing me from Turf Show Times. In his mind, everyone and everything is responsible for the Rams total collapse in 2015, except himself (even in the smallest way). I would be much more inclined to the idea of firing Offensive Coordinator Frank Cignetti, Jr., mid-season if the replacement had a sweet name (see: Jim Bob Cooter), because that gives us a fun name to mention every time someone brings up how awful my team is.

I suppose we should mention the last game at least briefly. The Rams got smoked at home by the Arizona Cardinals 27-3. The same Cardinals that were in a similar mess the Rams were four years ago and are now the favorite team to the win the NFC championship and get back to the Super Bowl.

So let’s get back to the point of this thing. In your mind, how would you rank Jeff Fisher’s job in 2015 (with a slight emphasis on the previous game). Please vote in the poll below, same scale as all season:

1 – Puke.

10 – Yay!

This weekend the Rams get to host Jim Bob Cooter(!!) and the Detroit Lions.