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Random Ramsdom 12/8: It Was All Cignetti's Fault!

Clearly, Fisher has nothing to do with the ills of this team's offense. First it was Schottenheimer, and now Cignetti is holding this offense back. You just have to feel sorry for Fisher in this situation.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13

The Rams can only hope to get by when their defense puts up points--their defense put up no points.


Cignetti is fired, and this will surely cure the offense.

Myles Simmons analyzes Fisher's conference.

Fisher explains the change at OC.

The Rams made a bold move today: they fired their offensive coordinator.

Yep, if I didn't already say it, they fired their offensive coordinator.

His suspension has run out, but his injuries may still hold him back.

Unfortunately, firing Cignetti doesn't make our QB and WRs any more competent.

So, pretty much, they fired Cignetti today.

The Rams are running out of kickers.

As the Rams run out of kickers, Fisher runs out of answers.

Speculation has it that the Rams could stay in St. Louis.

Around the NFL

You have to read this.

Newton is playing at a higher level than anyone right now.

The Eagles defeated the Patriots, and now they're respected.