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St. Louis Rams' 3-27 Loss To Arizona Cardinals Leaves Only Perspectives Eyeing End Of Season

Four weeks. Four useless, pointless weeks remain.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

December Rams football is just so, so, so, so, so very stupid.


This, more than anything, is what worries me. Human beings will get injured over the next month, and for what? How futile is this upcoming month of football? From a compassion standpoint, it's sickening. Janoris Jenkins got lit up yesterday by his own teammate in what turned out to be a humiliating, depressing embarrassment in front of the home crowd.

That's sad.

Performance Issues

We passed the part of the season where this section of the perspective recaps was useful.


NFC West Standings Post-Week 13

The Rams are now in the bottom five of the NFC with the Cowboys the only three-win team along with the four-win compatriots: the Lions, Saints and Niners.


The Rams have two more home games coming up against the Lions and the Buccaneers, a nationally televised Thursday Night Football game that's sure to highlight the positive qualities of the Rams and not focus on yet another failed season and a possible move to Los Angeles. And of course, the Rams finish the season on the road in Seattle and San Francisco to wrap things up.

It's all pointing to the offseason. Four games isn't changing the focus now.